Glass Repairs

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The glass in your UPVC Windows and doors are called double glazed units. Double glazed glass is made up of two panes of glass with air trapped in the middle. This stops the air from circulating which helps to decrease the loss of heat across the window and also helps to reduce noise pollution from the outside world. 

The two panes of glass are sealed together by what we in the industry call a hot melt, which is basically a sealant that seals the two panes of glass and a spacer bar together. 

Read more about each individual glass repair service we offer below.

Blown Unit

When a double glazed unit has been in a window or a door for a long period of time the hot melt can begin to fail. This allows moisture to get in-between the two panes of glass leaving condensation inside of the unit making it look misty or dirty, this is what we call a blown unit. unfortunately there is no way to fix this issue so a new double glazed unit is needed. This is not the full window, it is just the piece of glass inside which we will remove and replace.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a security glass, offering a tough, robust structure that is very hard to break. We would use these in easily accessible windows where someone could break and get through a standard piece of glass, but due to the dexterity of laminated glass they would have no chance of getting through it.

Laminated glass is constructed of two plies of glass which are bonded together with interlayers to form a permanent bond. The interlayers make it so when the glass does break it holds the unit together meaning the integrity of the glass is still intact. so for example, a burglar could continuously hit the laminated glass with a crow bar but the integrity of the glass would hold which wouldn't allow for an entry point into the property.

Laminated glass is very popular across the world, in fact it is used in countries where hurricanes or other natural disasters are a high risk. It is also used in places like display cabinets for valuables in jewelry stores,  Aquariums or animal enclosures.

Energy Efficient Glass

Energy efficient glass, also called K glass or low E glass, is used as the inner pane of an insulating glass unit. This glass is super energy efficient which is because it uses a coating to let heat into your property from the outside while reflecting heat generated inside back into your home, massively reducing heat loss in your home, helping to keep your energy bills down.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is mainly used in bathroom windows, but you can put privacy glass wherever you like, weather you want it on your landing, your front door, even your bedroom, the choice is yours. There are also many different style and patterns of privacy glass  which you may choose when we come to do a free measure up and quote.


Every double glazed unit comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty, so if a piece of glass that we have fitted becomes blown within 5 years then we will replace it for you free of charge. This however does not include if the unit smashes, cracks or shatters after the job has been signed of as it is out of our control.