Locked Out

Call us on 07757105018 to book a free no obligation quote!

We offer an emergency response service if you are locked in or out of your property 24/7!  Give me a call anytime and I will be out to you ASAP to get you access to your property.

There are many reasons why you may be locked out of your property, the most common is you may have lost your keys, it could also be that the door cylinder has broke and will not activate or deactivate the locking system, or maybe it is actually internal locking mechanism that has broken. whatever the issue we are here to help.

Click here to learn more about UPVC door locking mechanisms.

Important Information:

During working hours we do not charge a call out fee, meaning all of our quotes are free with no obligation. However, any out of hours work includes an extra call out fee. 

So if the door is still locked and there is another entrance into your property, to save yourself some money, book us in during operating hours to save the extra charge. 

We also may not be able to fully repair the door out of hours anyway as we may need to get specific materials from our suppliers for the job needed. 

This is why we carry over night locks, so if there is extra supplies we need we will fit these to temporarily secure your door overnight, then we will come back next day when the suppliers are open again (excluding sundays as our suppliers do not open sundays).