UPVC Door Repairs

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Is your door playing up? Don't wait! If it feels stiff or clunky it is a sign that the internal locking mechanism is on its way out, the longer you leave it the more chance you have of it failing and possibly locking you out or not being able to lock it at all!

Due to our expert knowledge of the hardware used on doors we will be able to rectify the issue for you no problem. All parts on a door work as one, if one or more piece of hardware is not fitted correctly, damaged or warn it can lead to further issues down the line.

We replace all faulty parts of door hardware including; handles, door cylinders, mechanisms, letterboxes, receiver plates and hinges to ensure your door is working smoothly again.

It doesn't stop there! When repairing the faulty hardware on your door we will also service the door which will help the parts on your door last longer. Included in this is we will make sure that the door is hung correctly and that the weight distribution is set to ensure the door is not being weighed down and everything is aligned to help prevent this issue from occurring again, hopefully saving you some money in the future.

Read more about each individual door repair service we offer below.

UPVC Door Mechanisms

Does your door feel clunky? do you have to slam it to shut it? if so, it's not a good sign. If the door is catching on the frame it means the door has dropped, this then means that the internal locking system will be out of alignment putting unwanted stress on the gearbox leading it to break, either locking you in or out of your property or not being able to lock it at all. 

Furthermore, if you lock is feeling clunky or you have to really pull the handle up to lock the door, this is a sure sign that the internal locking mechanism is close to failing causing the same issues from occurring; either being locked in, out or not being able to lock it at all.

Surprisingly there are over 100 different types, makes and sizes of internal locking systems. But your in luck, here at Mullocks Locks we have extensive knowledge in the multitude of different locking systems out there, meaning we will be able to identify the issue, the product needed and the solution to fixing whatever may be wrong with your door.

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UPVC Door Cylinders:

Door cylinders are the part of the door that you would put your key into which locks and unlocks the internal mechanism. There are many instances where you would need to change these cylinders. The first being if you ever decide to move property. When moving house you always want to change the locks as you have no idea who may still have keys to your new home. This then gives you a sense of security knowing you have new locks on all of your doors and no one has unwanted access.

Secondly many people do not know that most UPVC doors come out of the factory and onto your house with just standard security cylinders which are surprisingly easy to break into. This is why we offer high security options which have four security designs to prevent burglars from easily breaking in. Click here to learn more about high security door cylinders.

If you ever lose your keys and cannot get into your property give us a call and we will get you in and change your locks for you. Click here to learn more about our lock out services.

UPVC Door Hinges

One big issue that tends to occur with the hinges on your door is when for example your getting your shopping from the car and you leave your front door open so you can easily get in and out. next thing you know a gust of wind comes along and blows your door open cracking your hinges and taking the door out of alignment. If left unrepaired this can then cause issues with your internal locking system as talked about in the paragraph about UPVC Door Mechanisms above. But don't worry we can repair and services the full door to ensure that everything is still in working condition and is closing smoothly.

UPVC Door Handles

Like everything in the industry there is no such thing as a standard door handle, each internal locking mechanism has different dimensions that can suit different handles. Meaning you cant buy any old handle off the internet as more then likely it is not going to suit the mechanism on your door.

The main issue with door handles is the washer that holds the lever on the handle can perrish, leaving you with a rattly handle or you locking down at a leaver in your hand as you've tried to pull the door open with the handle. if this does happen we can come out, find which handle is required and replace it for you. 

However, a lot of the time when a handle breaks it can also be due to the internal locking system being stiff causing you to have to put more pressure on the handle which is why the handle begins to wear down, so just be aware that it may not just be a handle that it is the issue.