UPVC Window Repairs

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Windows locked shut? Hinges rusty and seized? These are just two of many issues that can commonly occur with any window.  Here at Mullock's Locks we can fix any issues you are having with your windows, from handles and hinges to mechanisms and even glass, we can do it all! Get your windows working again and call Mullock's Locks, were here to help.  

Read more about each individual window repair service we offer below.

UPVC Window Servicing

We do not offer this as a standalone service as if you feel like a window needs a service its more than likely that something like a hinge has failed or is on it way out. But on every job that we do on any UPVC window, we include a full service to ensure that it opens, closes and locks the way that it should. Our servicing includes greasing up all of the moving parts weather new or old to make sure that they move freely, which you should actually do every 6 - 12 months to increase the lifespan of all components on your windows. If it is a side hung window We will also remove the glass and do what we call a toe and heel, where we use glazing packers to re-distribute the weight of the window, to ensure the weight is spread across the full window stopping it from being dragged down causing it to come out of alignment again.

UPVC Window Hinges

Faulty hinges on a UPVC window are some of the most common parts to break. If these fail it could leave a gap in-between the frame and the unit, causing unwanted airflow into your property allowing heat to escape  and your energy bills to go up! But were here to help. Due to our expert knowledge in the field we are able to identify and rectify the issue and get your window closing correctly again no issue.

UPVC Window Handles

surprisingly enough there are lots of different types and makes of window handles out there. So if your window handle is locked and you can't find the key, it isn't just as simple as going to your local hardware store and getting a replacement key cut, you may have to replace the entire handle. Especially in this industry as there are many products that have been discontinued and are no longer available. We can come and replace your handle no matter if its just the case of a lost key or the handle is actually broken. But don't be fooled, if the handle is floppy or moves but doesn't lock or unlock the window, chances are it isn't the window handle, it is more than likely the internal locking system, but don't worry, we can replace them too!

UPVC Window Mechanism

Many people don't know that there is actually an internal locking mechanism inside of the window which is operated by the handle, but these mechanisms have a week point. If the window has not been fitted correctly or the hinges are failing this can put strain on the locking system causing the cam in the gearbox to shatter leaving your window locked shut or even worse, unlockable. If this is the case don't hesitate to call us so we can help get your window back into working condition.